Welcome to Hua-Zhen Cafe
Bringing true Chinese food in Bishkek
Our skilled Chinese chef is dedicated to bringing you the best of authentic Chinese flavors. Experience the delicious taste and multicultural atmosphere of Hua-Zhen today.
Easy order, easy life

Easy order, easy life is the motto of Hua-Zhen. Our convenient food delivery and pickup options make it easy to enjoy your favorite Chinese dishes. 

Just give us a call at 0312 47 21 31 to place your order and let Hua-Zhen take care of the rest.

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Why Hua-Zhen?

Welcome to Hua-Zhen, where authentic Chinese cuisine meets the multicultural atmosphere of Bishkek. Our name, "emigrant" in cantonese, reflects the diverse community that surrounds us and the international appeal of Chinese food.

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  • Genuine Chinese Cook

  • Five stars service